Welcome to the tiny home of Yahweasel's Democracy Let's Plays and Democracy Netplay


Democracy Let's Plays are game playthroughs in which input is taken democratically, in real time. The first Democracy Let's Play I'm aware of is my own Democracy Donkey Kong.

In the interest of making more Democracy Let's Plays, I've decided to broaden my horizons and ask for gamers I'm not familiar with to record with me. Perhaps a bit dangerous, but necessary! You can find my current call-out for players here, and for those wishing to participate in an open-call Democracy Let's Play, the open Democracy Let's Play Discord server is the place to coordinate.

To that end, I offer my modified version of RetroArch with Democracy Netplay support freely on this site. That link is to a Windows 64 binary, and the complete source code is included (extract retroarch.exe as a ZIP file). As of RetroArch v1.7.1, support exists in RetroArch itself; the modified version here just makes it easier to access.

RetroArch with Democracy Netplay is free for anyone to use. As a personal favor I ask that if you plan to record a Democracy Let's Play or stream with Democracy Netplay you involve me. I'll also be doing fairly open calls for participants in my own Democracy Let's Plays on my YouTube channel.