Bootleg games:

Final Fantasy VII NES Bootleg   Sonic Epoch   Pocket FALLOUT   Diablo III Bootleg for Feature Phones with Mallow   Diablo II Bootleg for Feature Phones with Mallow   Alien vs. Predator NES bootleg   Titanic 1912: The Chinese NES bootleg   World of Warcraft (NES bootleg)   Tomb Raider (NES bootleg)   Resident Evil NES   Donkey Kong 5   King of Ring   Barver Battle Saga   The 12 Days of Bootlegs   Zelda: Link to the Past NES   Dragon Quest VIII NES   Diablo NES   Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal   Chrono Trigger NES/Devolution   Touhoumon Another World   Digimon Ruby   Final Fantasy VII NES  

Co-ops (w/ IndieTimmie):

Resident Evil 2 for the Tiger   Brutal DOOM   Super Metroid with IndieTimmie  

Co-ops (w/ Lord Pie):

HORSE MASTER   Hitchhiker\s Guide to the Galaxy   Hating Deus Ex: The Fall with Lord Pie   Zork   Sharing One Controller: Yoshi's Island with Lord Pie   Das Meme Wallace & Gromit 4   Cry of Fear   Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light   Das Meme Team Lost Vikings   Sleep is Death   Zelda: Link to the Past NES   Stunts   Super Mario World Co-op   Bloody Trapland  

Co-ops (w/ Mallow the Cloud):

Calamity Cycle   7 Billion Humans with Mallow   Human Resource Machine with Mallow   King's Quest VI with Mallow the Cloud   King's Quest IV   King's Quest III   King's Quest II   Can't Drive This   King's Quest I SMS   Lufia & the Fortress of Doom   King's Quest V NES   Seiken Densetsu 3   The Dig  

Co-ops (others):

Payday 2  

Democracy Let's Plays:

Kirby's Democratic Adventure   Random Democracy World   Sonic Democracy Zone   Summon Night: Democracy Story   Legend of Zelda Democracy   Yoshi's Democratic Island   Democracy Earthworm Jim   Democracy Mario World   Democracy Donkey Kong  

Dragon Quest series:

Dragon Quest VIII   Dragon Quest V  

EarthBound/Mother series:

EarthBound 2/Mother 3   EarthBound   EarthBound Zero  


Baba is You   Sokobond   Soko-Ban   Spacestation Pheta  
(I play puzzle games at a rate of one episode per main series. As such, it takes me a long time to finish one! I call these “interseries”, and watching them can probably reveal how I've changed over the years.)


THE WORST   Once-offs   Scratch an Itch(.io)   Random Game Weekly  

Quest for Glory series:

Quest for Glory 5   Quest for Glory 4   Quest for Glory 3   Quest for Glory 2   Quest for Glory  

SaGa Frontier:

SaGa Frontier (Red)   SaGa Frontier (Lute)   SaGa Frontier (Riki)   SaGa Frontier (Emelia)   SaGa Frontier (T260)   SaGa Frontier (Blue)   SaGa Frontier (Asellus)  


Assassin's Creed for Mobile Phone (J2ME)   Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 Prequel   Wolf   Batman and Robin for Tiger   Pilot Brothers   The Magic Circle   Dune   DOOM RPG   Biography of the Holy Flame   Sonic Unleashed (J2ME)   EverQuest for Pocket PC   Radical Dreamers   Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (PC)   The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar   Sonic 3 & Knuckles PC MIDI Madness   Oblivion for Feature Phones   Sonic Jam for Tiger   BioShock for Feature Phones   Baldur's Gate for Feature Phones   The Elder Scrolls: Arena   Ultima I   Paper Sorcerer   The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold   Doki Doki Literature Club!   Psychonauts   Heroine's Quest   Cuphead   Final Fantasy Legend   Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga   Undertale   The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey   Mari0   Phantasy Star   Mario Adventure   Minecraft thru Time   FUEL   Star Ocean   Evoland  

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