Bootleg games:

Diablo III Bootleg for Feature Phones with Mallow   Diablo II Bootleg for Feature Phones with Mallow   Pocket FALLOUT   Alien vs. Predator NES bootleg   Titanic 1912: The Chinese NES bootleg   World of Warcraft (NES bootleg)   Tomb Raider (NES bootleg)   Resident Evil NES   Donkey Kong 5   King of Ring   Barver Battle Saga   The 12 Days of Bootlegs   Zelda: Link to the Past NES   Dragon Quest VIII NES   Diablo NES   Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal   Chrono Trigger NES/Devolution   Touhoumon Another World   Digimon Ruby   Final Fantasy VII NES  

Co-ops (w/ IndieTimmie):

Resident Evil 2 for the Tiger   Brutal DOOM   Super Metroid with IndieTimmie  

Co-ops (w/ Lord Pie):

Hating Deus Ex: The Fall with Lord Pie   Zork   Sharing One Controller: Yoshi's Island with Lord Pie   Das Meme Wallace & Gromit 4   Cry of Fear   Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light   Das Meme Team Lost Vikings   Sleep is Death   Zelda: Link to the Past NES   Stunts   Super Mario World Co-op   Bloody Trapland  

Co-ops (w/ Mallow the Cloud):

Calamity Cycle   7 Billion Humans with Mallow   Human Resource Machine with Mallow   King's Quest VI with Mallow the Cloud   King's Quest IV   King's Quest III   King's Quest II   Can't Drive This   King's Quest I SMS   Lufia & the Fortress of Doom   King's Quest V NES   Seiken Densetsu 3   The Dig  

Co-ops (others):

Payday 2  

Democracy Let's Plays:

Kirby's Democratic Adventure   Random Democracy World   Sonic Democracy Zone   Summon Night: Democracy Story   Legend of Zelda Democracy   Yoshi's Democratic Island   Democracy Earthworm Jim   Democracy Mario World   Democracy Donkey Kong  

Dragon Quest series:

Dragon Quest VIII   Dragon Quest V  

EarthBound/Mother series:

EarthBound 2/Mother 3   EarthBound   EarthBound Zero  


Sokobond   Soko-Ban   Spacestation Pheta  
(I play puzzle games at a rate of one episode per main series. As such, it takes me a long time to finish one! I call these “interseries”, and watching them can probably reveal how I've changed over the years.)


THE WORST   Once-offs   Scratch an Itch(.io)   Random Game Weekly  

Quest for Glory series:

Quest for Glory 5   Quest for Glory 4   Quest for Glory 3   Quest for Glory 2   Quest for Glory  

SaGa Frontier:

SaGa Frontier (Riki)   SaGa Frontier (Emelia)   SaGa Frontier (T260)   SaGa Frontier (Blue)   SaGa Frontier (Asellus)  


Radical Dreamers   Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (PC)   The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar   Sonic 3 & Knuckles PC MIDI Madness   Oblivion for Feature Phones   Sonic Jam for Tiger   BioShock for Feature Phones   Baldur's Gate for Feature Phones   The Elder Scrolls: Arena   Ultima I   Paper Sorcerer   The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold   Doki Doki Literature Club!   Psychonauts   Heroine's Quest   Cuphead   Final Fantasy Legend   Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga   Undertale   The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey   Mari0   Phantasy Star   Mario Adventure   Minecraft thru Time   FUEL   Star Ocean   Evoland  

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